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Yankee Candle Advent Book


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Yankee Candle Alpine Christmas Advent Calendar Book

Build up to Christmas Day with this 3D Advent Calendar Book from Yankee Candle. This charming gift is perfect for any Yankee Candle fan who wants to celebrate the lead-up to Christmas with a fragranced twist on the traditional Advent Calendar.

Behind each door is either a tealight or a votive candle, all of them with the Yankee Candle guarantee of approval. It also includes a beautiful, glass votive holder that is silver in colour and features transparent stars that glow when a candle is alight inside. There are numerous festive scents included, both new and best-selling; Pomegranate Gin Fizz, Candlelit Cabin, Evergreen Mist, After Sledding, Cinnamon Stick, Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie and Christmas Magic. Each of these scents is absolutely fantastic, gently transporting you to a festive place, sitting around a fire with your family, all dressed up in Christmas jumpers and watching the dog tear through the wrapping paper. It is such a brilliant gift, giving the recipient a fragrance to enjoy every day up to Christmas!

It is beautifully decorated with an illustration of a wreath on the front that is laden with berries and baubles. The stunning detail within the image allows it to become part of your Christmas décor! It makes a brilliant gift for any Yankee fan out there who wants to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas in the best way possible; with Yankee Candle!