Yankee Candle Merry Berry Linzer House Warmer Jars


Brand Yankee Candle

Cookie Swap Merry Berry Linzer Large Jar Candle

Bring the sweet scents of festive cookies into your home with this beautiful limited edition fragrance from Yankee Candle. Merry Berry Linzer evokes memories of eagerly devouring mountains of sweet berry treats, especially delicious cookies, perhaps raspberry & white chocolate or strawberry shortbread cookies. The fire is crackling and everyone is giggling over a glass of mulled wine. It is absolutely beautiful.

This large jar candle has the saccharine scents of a jammy raspberry filling nestled in almond shortbread with a sweet vanilla glaze. It is completely irresistible and releases such a relaxing scent through your home, perfect for the festive season.

This large jar candle has a burn time between 110-150 hours and brings the atmosphere of the festive season into your cosy home be it the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, or anywhere else. A fabulous gift for friends and family or a treat for yourself.

Cookie Swap Collection

This limited edition collection of fragrances celebrates the beauty of festivities and the sweetness of treating yourself. The colours are warming, reminiscent of those festive times, huddled around a fire with your loved ones and giggling at the antics of a loved pet with wrapping paper. You have the brownish ginger hue of ‘Iced Gingerbread,’ the warm yellowy orange of ‘Magic Cookie Bar,’ and the festive red of ‘Merry Berry Linzer.’ The scents are beautifully sweet, reminding you of those festive treats cooking in the oven, spreading a meditative atmosphere through your home. 

This beautiful fragrance has a new, limited edition sticker on the front, portrait and displaying whole hordes of festive cheer.