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Yankee Candle Discovery Gift Set


Brand Yankee Candle

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About This Gift Set



2x NEW Christmas Magic Small Jar Candles
2x NEW The Perfect Tree Small Jar Candles
1x NEW Spiced White Cocoa Votive
1x Christmas Cookie Votive
1x Red Apple Wreath Votive
1x Christmas Garland Votive
1x Star Anise & Orange Votive
1x Christmas Eve Votive
1x NEW Crackling Wood Fire Wax Melt
1x Berry Trifle Wax Melt
1x Macaron Treats Wax Melt
1x Winter Glow Wax Melt
1x Christmas Memories Wax Melt
1x Cranberry Ice Wax Melt


About This Collection

Anticipation and excitement is building... with a twist on tradition, these timeless fragrance gift sets capture the very best of the festive season. Featuring:

NEW Christmas Magic

Classic Christmas scents—balsam and pine—take a sophisticated turn with hints of birch and eucalyptus

NEW The Perfect Tree

This is your perfect tree—balsam and fir-scented with festive snowy branches.

NEW Spiced White Cocoa

Warm and indulgent with swirls of cocoa topped with a layer of whipped cream and a hint of nutmeg.

Christmas Cookie

Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies.

Red Apple Wreath

A happy holiday homecoming with the festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple.

Christmas Garland

The season comes to life in this lush aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries.

Star Anise & Orange

A juicy slice of fresh orange cooled by sweet anise - refreshing!

Christmas Eve

Traditional holiday scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits.

NEW Crackling Wood Fire

Build winter memories around a warm cedarwood fire kindled with sweet whispers of nutmeg and warm amber.

Berry Trifle

The mouth-watering fragrance of fresh berries, tangy and sharp, nestled on a white bed of soft vanilla cream - delicious!

Macaron Treats

The classic Parisian macaron-sweet as can be and lighter than air, with notes of vanilla, almond and, of course, sugar.

Winter Glow

A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees in the cool air, all warmed by golden amber sun rays

Christmas Memories

From the heart of the kitchen, unforgettable holiday moments are brought home again with this comforting recipe of spices and sweets.

Cranberry Ice

Refreshingly tart and sweet! A cool, stimulating rush of frosty red fruits bursting with a tangy sweetness.