Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender House Warmer Jar


Brand Yankee Candle

Lemon Lavender Fragrance Provides a powdery fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers.

In a traditional Yankee Candle design this jar candle is convenient and easy to use, housewarmer Jar Candles provides hours of true to life fragrance enjoyment. 

Burn Times:

Large Lemon Lavender Jar 110 - 150 hours

Medium Lemon Lavender Jar 65 - 90 hours

Small Lemon Lavender Jar 25 - 40 hours

Top Tips:

  • Make sure you burn the candle until the wax melts from edge to edge of across the entire jar, then it will burn down evenly and without waste.
  • The first burn is the most important and you should allow 1 hour per inch diameter of the jar. So for large & medium jars you should allow 4 hours, small jar 2 hours.
  • A Yankee Candle Wick Trimmer is very useful

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