Yankee Candle A Calm & Quiet Place Tealights


Brand Yankee Candle

A Calm & Quiet Place Pack of 12 Tea Lights

The meditative fragrance of A Calm & Quiet Place will leave you feeling balanced and centred. Gentle jasmine combines with patchouli and warm amber musk to soothe the soul and calm the mind. Jasmine and Cedarwood create a warm and fragrant ambience, lifted with top notes of juicy mandarin leaf. The soft blue colour settles ruffled emotions and uncoils tension, leaving you completely relaxed.

These scented tealights are packed in attractive boxes of 12 to give you up to 72 hours of fragrance.

Tealight candles offer endless possibilities, you can

Use multiple tea lights for dramatic style,
Use alone for a fragrancing a small room.
Use as floating candles

Burn Time 4 - 6 hours each